Over 25 Years in the Industry

H2X Contracting Ltd. is a fully insured company offering a
wide range of Vacuum Truck services to Governmental,
Municipal, Residential, and Private Sectors.

Sign Installation

Safely excavating holes for Sona Tubes in the vicinity of underground utilities, allowing the sign to be installed.

Pole Excavation

Excavation in the vicinity of underground electrical lines requires our specialized equipment.

Utility Locating

Safely excavate around active utilities. These include Gas, Sewer, Water, Fibre and Electrical lines.

Utility Repair

Excavate around damaged utilities once they have been shut off or made safe by the utility owner.

Line Flushing

Cleaning out storm and sanitary lines to allow proper flow and prevent back up. This allows for CCTV inspections.

Catch Basins

Full service for cleaning &  draining street and parking lot drains/sumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydro-Excavation?

Let us explain: Hydro-Excavation is a mechanical means of using high pressure water to break up earth, simultaneously removed by vacuum. When utilized properly the method is a safe, non destructive means of excavation. Our personnel are extensively trained in safe practice procedures and are equipped with the tools to enable a safe excavation site.

Can It Save Money?

As the underground utilities become increasingly complex, the cost to employ Hydro-Excavation is extremely affordable when compared to hydraulic equipment and the potential for fatalities, cost to repair damaged lines and possible fines to recover loss of service. Hydro excavation is a proven method that, to date, has not incurred injuries, utility damage or loss of service.

Why Would I Need Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-Excavation exposes a utility or removes earth in close proximity to a utility. An example of exposing the utility would be daylighting or potholing a gas main to determine its exact vertical and horizontal position. A second example would be an excavation for a pole installation that is within one meter of an existing utility. When excavating in the proximity of buried utilities, Hydro-Excavation is a safe alternative to hydraulic methods and an efficient alternative to hand digging.


BC Hydro

"H2X Contracting Ltd. has supplied both Pole Hole Excavation and Hydro Vac excavation for BC Hydro Duncan for the past 5 years. They have provided us with excellent, prompt service during that time, and have met all our needs and expectations." — Daniel Payne, Foreman

Residential Emergency

"I really appreciated you doing the work so quickly and so well and for leaving my garden neat and tidy. Your team were very efficient and very pleasant. All in all, a good experience for me and i shall recommend your company whenever i have the chance. Many, many thanks." — Elizabeth Whitmarsh, Resident of Saanich B.C.

Town of Sidney

"H2X Contracting Ltd. has been doing work for the Town of Sidney for approximately one year and is very dependable and accommodating when we phone for service even after hours, or weekends or holidays. We as the Town of Sidney are very happy with H2X Contracting Ltd for their service and we are still intending on using them in the future." — Brad Thomas, Foreman of Underground Utilities

SNC Lavalin Environment

"In my experience with H2X Contracting Ltd, I have found them to be punctual, professional and a pleasure to work with. In particular, I value their dedication to rigorous health and safety protocols that we employ on our job sites. I can therefore recommend them for hydro-excavation work with no reservations." — Jari Eikenaar, Project Scientist

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